Hello world!

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Everyday you have 24 hours to make a difference. To make an impact on another person’s life or your own. Happiness and positivity spreads like wildfire and the chain reaction can begin with you. Happiness is a Choice, and every 24 hours you get another opportunity to choose to be happy. There are tons to be happy about in this world every single day and this is my journey to find that happiness everyday. So who am I to declare this journey? I am your everyday college student, who gets caught up in the hustle and bustle of studying, work, and trying to find my place. I forget about the blessings that surround me and become consumed in this world, that often stresses me out. I have to remember that even in the hardest of times, I can choose to be happy and that it takes less energy to smile than it does to frown. I hope you join me in this movement and create your own journey of happiness. I hope today you choose happiness!


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