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I wasn’t able to post yesterday because I was exploring the city with my mom. Every so often we like to take these mom daughter days just to be able to reconnect and just be able to spend some quality time with one another. We spent all day doing the typical touristy things in out own city, including stopping and getting delicious fish and chips. I absolutely love spending time with my mom and it was a bonus that we could spend the whole day outside in the beautiful weather. At night I then went and hung out with friends, where we laughed and caught up for hours until we looked at the clock and it was already past 1am… Surrounding myself with people I enjoy spending time with makes the day go by so quickly! Today has been very relaxing. I am currently sitting out on a blanket in my yard under the sun. I enjoy writing these posts because they give me an opportunity to reflect back on the day and take in all the good things around me. Today I am just looking back at how this summer has treated me and thinking about all the good things ahead. That is why I am happy.

I hope today you choose happiness!


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