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I still haven’t gotten in the rhythm of posting everyday… I will be laying in bed reflecting on the day and then come to the realization that I forgot to post. However that does not stop me from finding happiness in the day. It is becoming a habit. Yesterday, traffic was at a stand still and that did put me in a bitter mood going into work but I had a break in my day and was able to jump in the lake and enjoy the sun. When I got home from work I played some board games with the family and had a very relaxing night. Today I got someone to cover my shift and I went to the zoo with my mom. A lot of people find zoos debatable but I like going, walking around and enjoying the animals. The weather got into the mid nineties today so a lot of the animals were hiding in the shade but I was able to see most of them and point their hiding places out to the kids around us. I just had a lot of fun with my mom today and the weather has been absolutely beautiful!

I hope today you choose happiness!


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